While our focus is service dog training we do offer classes for all dogs. We keep our classes small to meet the needs of our students to the best of our ability. This is a lot of work and a huge commitment for us and you.


Our Veteran courses for PTSD and Mobility are designed specifically to meet the needs of Veterans. The training center classes will meet twice a week and all courses are 50% off the regular price.


To enroll yourself in our Veterans program please contact:

Donald "Joe" Jacobson



DD214 and Medical prescription/letter from your doctor for a service dog will be required. We may also need you to come in for a free evaluation if your dog is over 6 months old.


Frequently Asked Questions


I have a dog, I am disabled, how do I start?


Step #1 - You will need to have prescription from your doctor stating that you are disabled and would benefit from a service dog - That's the law.


Step #2 - Call one of our trainers to set-up an evaluation meeting. Evaluations are free. At the evaluation a starting point will be suggested for you and your dog. Most do need to start with Obedience level 1 (beginner).

Step #3 - Enroll in a course when one is available. Via online website or by sending an email or text one of the trainers.


I do not have a dog yet, I am disabled, how do I start?


Step #1 - You'll need to find a dog. We can suggest some good shelters and breeders and give you tips on what to look for when picking a dog but we do not provide dogs.


Step #2 - When you do find a dog you like call one of us. We would be happy to go with you to evaluate the dog before you adopt or buy the dog.

Step #3 - Refer to step #1 of previous question


I have a dog, I'm not disabled, may I take classes too?


Absolutely. We have many who come through and their dogs go on to become Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, and simply stellar family pets. All you need to do is enroll in a course online when one is available. (Public Courses)



There are tests we require you and your dog to pass as you progress through the service dog training. We have our own Public Access Test and Certification Test before you can get your ID card and Patch for your dogs vest.

All of our courses are designed to slowly build up you and your dogs skill and confidence so when testing occurs you are more than ready to pass. We will not test you if we don't feel you and your dog are ready yet. Sometimes it's a matter of simply needing a little more practice or re-taking a course. We will discuss all of the options with you when the time comes. We want you to succeed and will do what we can to help you as long as you are doing your part too.

In addition to the Service Dog tests many of our trainers are AKC evaluators and we do offer AKC testing for Puppy .S.T.A.R., Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine (CGCA), and Urban Canine (CGCU).


Summer Course Schedule

We now have courses available through July. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible. They will likely fill fast. The May courses are down to a few spots left in a few courses.

Group Courses

Most of our courses are conducted in small groups of 4-6 dogs and handlers. Each course is 6 weeks long, meeting once a week for about an hour. No two classes are ever quite the same. We tailor each class to meet the needs of those handlers and their dogs.


The majority of our courses are open to the public who simply want a well trained dog, or those who wish to go on for therapy dog work.


You must supply us with your dogs shot records to join any class. Those who will be doing service dog courses must also be disabled and have a prescription from your medical provider.


We use primarily positive reinforcement training and strive to make the training fun and engaging so that your dog will enjoy learning and working for you.


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