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General Info

We are fortunate to be able to offer you a variety of class options however not all courses will be available all year long. Please feel free to request a course, if we get enough requests for a course we don't teach regularly we will add it to the schedule.

Now that we have our own Training center we have more flexibility for courses and schedules. If you don't see a time or day that works for you but you know some co-works or friends who would like to also take course just contact us with the number of people interested and the ideal time/day for your group. We can easily create a class just for your group.

If you are currently enrolled in a class you will get first shot at signing up for a new class. For example if you are in Obedience 1 and want to take Obedience 2 you will have the opportunity to reserve your spot in that class before the link becomes active on the website.

Once a class option is listed on the site you can opt to pay for the entire class up front or put down $5 (non-refundable) to hold your spot in that class. Again I suggest you do one of these as the classes tend to fill quickly and the links will be removed as soon as a class is full.

We do not have a "waiting list" as the dates and times change from session to session; however you can request an e-mail notification when a class becomes available.

Courses Offered
All Dogs

Puppy Obedience - This course is specifically for puppies 4-8 months of age. It is designed to teach the basic good puppy behaviors, puppy care and a little obedience. We will teach you about your new puppy, typical puppy behaviors and how to survive the potty training, chewing, and other fun puppy stages. Learn more....

Obedience - There are 3 levels of Obedience offered. 1 (Basic), 2 (Intermediate) & 3 (Advanced). Each is 6 weeks long. Learn more....

Focus & Relationship - This course is ideal for anyone who has just recently adopted a dog. It take time to build a good bond and relationship with a new dog and the games we play in this course are designed to help build that relationship and engagement.

Rally - There are 3 levels of Rally offered. Rally 1 (Novice - intro to Rally), Rally 2 (Advanced) & Rally 3 (Expert). During each level you'll learn that sections signs and rules. By the third course you could easily compete in Rally and earn titles for your AKC registered dog. We do not do formal competitions. Each level is 6 weeks long. Learn more....

Heeling - More formal heeling than simple loose leash walking. We also teach the touch pads and rotations in this course.

Scenting - This is mostly for fun but it has real potential for you to go on and do tracking or scenting work with your dog.

Silly Pet Tricks - This is pretty much as it sounds however many of these "tricks" are the start of service dog skills. This course is meant to be fun and nothing more. Your dog will learn simple tricks like Ring a bell, Jump through a hoop, Bow, Spin, Roll over, play dead, shake, etc. This course is 4 weeks long and generally only becomes available when requested. Additional weeks and additional tricks can always be added if the class wishes to do more. Learn more....

Skills Classes: (Retrieving, Alerting, & Bracing) These are service dog skills but they are also skills any dog can learn. In each of these courses there are two levels. The intro and the practical application. For example in Retrieving 1 you'll build the drive and the retrieve command/function. In Retrieving 2 you'll fine tune the skill in to something useful around your home. Dogs love to work, teach your dog to help you with household chores. Learn more....

Courses Offered
Service Dogs

Please note to take these classes your dog must first have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen, you must schedule and pass an evaluation with us, and we will need prescription from your doctor stating that you could benefit from a service dog.

Public Access Preparation - This is a 16 week course that requires a lot of traveling. Each week the class will meet at a different location and work on 3-5 skills and/or behaviors all service dogs need to be in public. In addition you will be expected to learn the laws and service dog etiquette while in public. We expect you and your dog to be on your best behavior and respectful of others at all times. These classes are kept small, 2-4 dogs at a time. These classes often take place mid-day week days and sometimes weekday evenings. At the end of the 16 weeks you will take the Public Access Test. Learn more....

Skills - These skills classes are the same as above. The only difference is that service dogs in training have the option of continuing on to an advanced skills class which will take place in public locations. To do this your dog must be currently enrolled in public access class or have completed that class.

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