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Myra Markley
Myra started All 4 Paws Training LLC to help others like herself who could greatly benefit from a service dog but who couldn't afford to buy a trained dog. Owner trained service dogs can be just as good as a dog trained by an organization or company, the problem is lack of guidance for people. All 4 Paws Training LLC is designed to provide that guidance.

Myra uses a wide range of training methods and all use positive reinforcement training. Due to the fact that many of her clients (herself included) are physically disabled the traditional methods for training are always physically possible. This is where Myra's adaptive nature and ability to think 'outside the box' have come in very handy. This ability not only applies to adapting to the clients disability but also adapting to the dogs personality.

Myra is currently an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator (#44029), Service Dog Evaluator with the Foundation for Service Dog Support (FSDS) (#42) & a volunteer trainer with the American Service Animal Society (ASAS).

Myra currently teaches classes in: Obedience, Rally, Pet Tricks, Public Access and Service Dog Skills.

Specialty: Wheelchair Assist training. Group Classes, Private Classes and I do most of the new client evaluations.

Myra currently has 1 dog:
German Shepherd Dog - Raven (Service Dog)

Carol Markley
General Manager/CFO
Carol fields many of the companies phone calls as all the trainers and volunteers and usually elbow deep in dog drool. Carol distributes and collects all the client/student information during classes and during evaluations. Carol also collects any payments, distributes receipts, makes copies of records and generally does everything that keeps the rest of the us organized and on schedule.

Carol is often seen taking photos of the classes when she has time and she does jump in to help teach from time to time.

Amy Williams
AAS degree from Scottsdale Community College: Equine Training & Management (1983)

I have a life time of raising and training my own dogs from a miniature poodle to several Great Danes. I raised and trained my Mastiff, Great Dane, Anatolian Shepherd mix to be a Certified Therapy Dog (Therapy Dogs Inc.). We have been a Therapy Dog Team for Banner Desert Medical Center, Cardon Children's Hospital and Hospice of the Valley since approximately 2009.

I have worked at Intel Corporation for nearly 30 years. I have worked in various training positions at Intel. I was a Peer Trainer for various Assembly / Test Tool Sets as well as in the Hazmat Shipping & Hazardous Waste Areas.

Specialty: Private Classes. Especially if you need extra help with Public Access or Skills training. Come to me with Therapy Dog Training questions.

I currently have 4 dogs:
Great Dane - Sophie
Great Dane - Monster
Chocolate Labrador Retriever - Moose (Service Dog in Training)
Miniature Dachshund - Herman

Karen Watson
Watson K9 Solutions
Karen has always enjoyed working with, and being around animals. In 2007 she volunteered at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico and learned a great amount about core canine behavior. At that point she decided that she wanted to make a career for herself working with animals. In 2008 she graduated from the Animal Behavior College dog training program and in 2012 she became a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College, in charge of training new graduates in her area. Since that time she has worked with many of her own clients doing private lessons. In 2013 she moved to Phoenix and worked at PetSmart as a trainer. She enjoyed her time there but realized that she wanted to make more of a difference in the lives of people and dogs. Now, working with All 4 Paws Training, she enjoys helping people and dogs create a stronger bond and working relationship.

She believes in a balanced approach to training, and will use the tools that she believes are best suited for a particular dog and handler, while focusing mostly on reinforcing behaviors in a positive manner.

More than anything she enjoys seeing the trust, respect and love grow between a human and dog, becoming a team that works together as one. She looks forward to every new student and every new challenge and works hard to make a difference in the lives of people and their beloved canines. Karen currently lives in Phoenix with her husband, Eric, and their 2 dogs Amy (14 year old Border Collie) and Korra (2 year old Belgian Malinois). She enjoys many fun pastimes with her dogs including hiking, biking, obedience training, agility training, trick training and dock diving. She also enjoys painting pet portraits and wildlife.

I currently have 3 dogs:
Belgian Malinois - Korra
Belgian Tervuren - River
Border Collie - Amy

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