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We facilitate the needs of the disabled to self train their own service dog, enabling them to become self reliant and self sufficient.

Airline Outing for Service Dogs

If you intend to travel with your service dog, this workshop is for you. We’ve designed it to help your team prepare for
and feel confident in your upcoming travel experience.

Light Rail Ride
We begin with a ride on the light rail from Tempe to the Sky Harbor Exit. This ride is as close to a plane experience as
you can simulate. It’s shaped like a plane, has tight spaces, people navigating the tight spaces, some light turbulence,
changes in forces during acceleration and deceleration, and more.

Journey to the Terminal
Once we arrive at the Sky Harbor Airport exit, we will be making our way to the Terminal. This journey is a rich landscape
of different textures, flooring, sounds, scents, and more. This part of the workshop will include long stretches of
walking, some moving walkways, several elevators, a ride on the Sky Train, crowds, exposure to louder airport/airplane
sounds, changes in the environment when planes are taking off and landing, and more.

Touring the Terminal
Once we reach the terminal, the environment changes significantly. This part of the workshop will tour the terminal’s
retail spaces, gates, baggage claim, and more. This is where navigation, positioning, and safety become priorities. Time
permitting, we may stop in a food establishment. We take the same route back to the light rail and to the park and ride

Traveling with a service dog can be stressful and intimidating. This workshop helps mitigate the unknowns and their
impact by helping you assess your current readiness and help you prepare for your travel experience.

Things to Bring
 Comfortable Shoes for walking
 Leash (No flex leash)
 Several types of treats: High Value and Mix some of their kibble with a medium value treat.
 Water & Water Bowl
 Poop/Pee Clean Up Kit

Photos & Video
We may record or take photos of our sessions to be used on our social media and for other marketing purposes. If you
do not want you or your animal photographed/recorded, please let us know.
The public might take photos or videos. Since we are in a public space, we cannot expect no one will take photos or
videos as long as they are not intruding on your personal space or intentionally distracting your animal.


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