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We facilitate the needs of the disabled to self train their own service dog, enabling them to become self reliant and self sufficient.

Obedience 1

Learn the foundation of good behavior and obedience as well as communication between you and your dog.

Week #1

  • Brief: Canine Body Language
  • Luring, Reward Placement
  • Marker Words, Watch, Touch
  • Sit, Down & Stand

Week #2

  • Place Intro: Elevated
  • Paws Intro
  • Wait & Take
  • Front & Heel Positions
  • Advancing "Watch"

Week #3

  • Leash Handling, Pressure, & Corrections
  • Loose Leash Walking – Communication
  • Loose Leash Walking – Speed changes
  • Loose Leash Walking – Turns
  • Stay

Week #4

  • Place Elevate: Go to & Down
  • Paws: Go to & Stay
  • Leave It & Drop it
  • Starting Come when Called

Week #5

  • "Wait" at the door
  • more Come when Called
  • CGC: Friendly Strangers, Reaction to dog
  • Stay

Week #6

  • Fix your Leash
  • Place Elevated: Go to & Stay
  • Pass the Puppy (Friendly Strangers)
  • Stand for Grooming

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