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We facilitate the needs of the disabled to self train their own service dog, enabling them to become self reliant and self sufficient.

Scenting For All 1

Medical Scenting & Scenting For Fun

Week #1

  • Cup work
  • Building Drive
  • Adding scent
  • Adding command & second cup

Week #2

  • Scent tubes
  • Building drive
  • Working through distraction

Week #3

  • 12 to 15 scent tubes 
  • Scent for fun: Scent signal

Week #4

  • Scent Boxes
  • Building Drive
  • Working through distractions

Week #5

  • Medical: What is an Alert
  • Medical: Learning the Alert
  • Scent for fun: Small scent tubes 

Week #6

  • Medical: Scenting Tin introduced
  • Scent for fun: Hiding the small tube


You must bring a couple of scent samples to each and every class.  Please refer to the Scent Collection Instructions page for a pictorial guide through the collection and storage processes.

Scenting tubes: You will be able to borrow the scenting tubes from class. You will also have an option to buy the tubes if you like. It is very important that if borrowing tools from class (scent tubes) you bring the items back to class each and every week, as they are used each week in class. If items are not returned or items are damaged you will be charged a fee for the replacement of the items.

Bring to Every Class:



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