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All these Courses are in Tempe.

The PHX location will open in March.

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Service Dog Orientation Seminar with Myra
February 10th @ 5pm
1-2 Hours / $25
This is NOT an evaluation - please do not bring your dog.
This is for informational purposes and not for training. We will go over the laws, your rights, types of service dogs, service dog handling and training procedures, Public Access information and of course answer all your questions. You may want to take notes during this Seminar.
Electronic Collar Workshop with Myra
February 6th @ 5pm
1-1.5 Hours / $60
You will need to bring your fully charged Ecollar, regular collar and leash, high value reward (treats or toy).

This workshop is to teach you how to safely and properly use an Ecollar with your dog. We will not use Ecollars on young puppies. Your dog must be at least 7 months and have had some obedience training. The only exceptions are made for the physically disabled who are unable to use other corrective equipment.

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