Myra Markley

Founder & Trainer

Myra started All 4 Paws Training LLC to help others like herself who could greatly benefit from a service dog but who couldn't afford to buy a trained dog. Owner trained service dogs can be just as good as a dog trained by an organization or company, the problem is lack of guidance for people. All 4 Paws Training LLC is designed to provide that guidance through group and private classes.

Myra uses a balanced approach to dog training. There is no "right" way or "wrong" way. There is only what works for that particular dog and handler and what doesn't work. Due to the fact that many of her clients (herself included) are physically disabled the traditional methods for training are not always physically possible. This is where Myra's adaptive nature and ability to think 'outside the box' have come in very handy. This ability not only applies to adapting to the clients disability but also adapting to the dogs personality.


Myra is currently a member of:

International Association of Professionals (IACP)

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)


Myra is currently also:

American Kennel Club evaluator (#44029); CGC, CGCA, CGCU, & Trick Dog

Service Dog Evaluator with the Foundation for Service Dog Support (FSDS)

I'm available for: Group Classes & Private Classes.


Myra currently has 2 dogs:
German Shepherd Dog - Raven (Service Dog)

Giant Schnoodle - Xena (Service Dog in Training)

Marci grew up in Massachusetts, where her mother was a dog groomer and a breeder who showed her own poodles. These early experiences nurtured a great love for animals and an appreciation for the importance of relationship building between dogs and their human owner/trainers.

Marci has spent her whole life around dogs and believes that they can provide very real emotional support, as well as physical aid, to people who learn how to build bonded working relationships with their four legged companions. Marci’s focus, in training, is to encourage a deeper connection, based on trust and consistency, as the core of this relationship.

Her early experiences eventually led her to realize that working with dogs, and the people who can benefit so much from a working relationship with their companions, was what she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing.

Marci believes that our relationships, with our dog companions, enrich our lives greatly and, for many people, provide the assistance that gives them more mobility and freedom to live more fulfilling lives. This is what she strives to share with her clients in hopes that what she loves to do will make a measurable difference in their lives as well.

Finding solutions that work, for both owner and dog, is extremely satisfying when you see the difference it can make in someone’s life.


Marci is an American Kennel Club evaluator (#95211), CGC, CGCA, CGCU & Trick Dog trained. Pet First Aid & CPR certified. Member of the IACP.
She is also trained in the use of electronic collars and continues to further her education and knowledge of dog training and behaviors, not limited to, but including online courses.

I'm available for: Private Classes, Group Classes & Boarding.

I currently have 7 dogs and 1 cat:

Doberman- Petra (Service Dog)

Shepherd Mix Dog- Argo (Service Dog)

Catahoula - Zoe

Chihuahua Mix Dogs – Lucy, Bella, Jayda & Buttercup

Domestic Cat- Raven

Marci Parker

Owner & Trainer

Sam Hammond

Originally from Holland NY, she moved to Phoenix in 2010. She grew up loving all types of animals and always helped train her family dogs, she even tried training her cats.


She adopted her 2nd dog, who was extremely shy and timid. Not knowing how to work with her, she decided to go back to school for dog training since she still loved working with dogs. She enrolled in Animal Behavioral College with the intent on just learning to help her own dog, but fell in love with helping owners work with their pets.


She was paired up with Karen Watson as her mentor for ABC and was introduced to All 4 Paws. She loved everything about them and all the people (and of course dogs,) that when she was asked to stick around she immediately said yes.

Currently has a certification in pet nutrition and is working on additional online courses to expand her knowledge.


Sam is currently also:

American Kennel Club evaluator; CGC, CGCA, CGCU, & Trick Dog

I'm available for: Private Classes, Group Classes, & Board and Train.

I currently have 5 pets, 2 dogs and 3 cats:

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Sherlock

American Staffordshire Terrier/ German Shepherd Mix - Luna

Domestic cats – Axl, Angel, and Mr. PoPo



Karen Watson


Karen has always enjoyed working with, and being around animals. In 2007 she volunteered at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico and learned a great amount about core canine behavior. In 2008 she graduated from the Animal Behavior College dog training program and in 2012 she became a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College, in charge of training new graduates in her area. Since that time she has worked with many of her own clients doing private lessons. In 2013 she moved to Phoenix and worked at PetSmart as a trainer. She enjoyed her time there but realized that she wanted to make more of a difference in the lives of people and dogs. Now, working with All 4 Paws Training, she enjoys helping people and dogs create a stronger bond and working relationship.

She believes in a balanced approach to training, and will use the tools that she believes are best suited for a particular dog and handler, while focusing mostly on reinforcing behaviors in a positive manner. More than anything she enjoys seeing the trust, respect and love grow between a human and dog, becoming a team that works together as one. She looks forward to every new student and every new challenge and works hard to make a difference in the lives of people and their beloved canines.


Karen currently lives in Phoenix with her husband, Eric, and their dogs. She enjoys many fun pastimes with her dogs including hiking, biking, obedience training, agility training, trick training and dock diving. She also enjoys painting pet portraits and wildlife.

Karen is currently also:

American Kennel Club evaluator; CGC, CGCA, CGCU, & Trick Dog

Animal Behavioral College Mentor Trainer


I'm available for: Private Classes & Group Classes.

I currently have 2 dogs:

Belgian Malinois - Korra

Belgian Tervuren - River


Carol Markley

Facility Manager & Volunteer Trainer

Carol fields some of the companies phone calls as all the trainers and volunteers and usually elbow deep in dog drool. Carol distributes and collects all the client/student information during classes and during evaluations. Carol also collects any payments, distributes receipts, makes copies of records and generally does everything that keeps the rest of the us organized and on schedule.

Carol is often seen taking photos of the classes when she has time and she does jump in to help teach from time to time.

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